"We purchased from Gavin Farms for the first time this past fall and couldn't be happier with the quality of the various beef cuts we received. I've been fortunate enough to visit the farm on multiple occasions to see first hand the hard work and care they give their animals on a daily basis. It's reassuring to know the animals live a quality life - it definitely shows in the end product. We couldn't be happier and will without a doubt be repeat customers. Give them a shot; you will not be disappointed. Thank you Gavin Farms!"  

Chad F.

"The beef I purchased from Gavin Farms last year has been exceptionally good.  Whether frying hamburger, cooking a roast or grilling steaks, the aroma is great and the taste is just what I expected from Gavin Farms meat.  I'm enjoying every bite."


"As a recovering vegetarian, I am very particular about the meat and eggs that my family and I choose to consume :). It feels good to know we are supporting the small, local farmer who treats their land and animals fairly and with love. Plus, it's delicious."