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Read about the family behind Gavin Farms.



Hi, I’m Matt. What I love most about farming is how peaceful it is after a long stressful day. Being surrounded by our cattle and admiring the work put into providing food for our community puts me at ease.

When I am not working cattle, you can find me working at our family auction and real estate business with my brother, Jim. In my free time, I enjoy hunting, fishing, and drinking whiskey with my friends.



Hi, I’m Jim. I am passionate about agriculture and it is important to me to give our animals a good, comfortable life. Farming started as a hobby but we have found it to be a peaceful and rewarding way of life. I am committed to providing quality beef to people who are passionate about where their food comes from. As first generation farmers, we are dedicated to learning new practices to care for our land and livestock in order to protect our way of life for generations to come.

When not on the farm, you can find me working alongside my brother, Matt, for our family business as a fourth generation auctioneer and real estate agent. I enjoy cooking, traveling, and spending time with my wife. I also like to spend time outdoors hunting and fishing. If you have any questions about our farm or our beef, we are happy to share our story.



Hey there, I’m Jenni. Most days you can find me farming along side my husband, Jim, with our pup Sully not too far behind. Whether we are working cattle, pulling weeds in the garden, or cooking up dinner we enjoy working together to accomplish our goals. I have a strong desire to serve people who care about how their food is raised and I feel fortunate to be able to share our story to those that want to “know their farmer.”

When I am not gardening, canning, or tending to the critters, you can catch me working out, searching for antiques, fantasizing about what food I am going to eat next, or dreaming of seeing the world. Traveling away from the farm has challenged me to eat better, to be less stressed, and to be more open minded. It has taught me to work harder and with more passion and motivates me to achieve even bigger goals.



Meet Beau James, Jenni and Jim's newest addition to Gavin Farms. He is the happiest little man and is sure to make everyone smile. So far he loves being along for all of the adventures on the farm. Dad is excited to take him in the tractor with him. Mom is looking forward to him loving all the animals and for him to encourage dad and Uncle Matt to add even more to the farm. And Uncle Matt and Sully can’t wait to help him get into mischief.



Hi friends, I’m Sully. AKA #thesullymonster. Jim and Jenni chose me to “help” with farm chores. I am actually not that helpful as a farmhand, but I do make chores more fun. I love to stalk the barn cats, follow the chickens, and attempt to make friends with the cattle. I consider it my responsibility to get as dirty as possible and find myself getting baths quite regularly. I love to be a part of the action and to do everything with my family. Uncle Matt loves to pick on me but I think he likes me too. When I'm not farming, I love to chase my tail, search for crumbs, and take long naps. Hopefully you visit me at the farm — bring treats!