6 Reasons to Shop the Baraboo Farmers' Market


Even though we raise beef and also have a large garden, we still make it a point to shop the Downtown Baraboo Farmers’ Market nearly every week throughout the season. Here are a few of the many reasons we love out local market:

Supports local Farmers

This one almost goes without saying, it is our passion to help support the livelihood of our friends and neighbors, farmers and and other local businesses alike. We love knowing exactly where our food comes from and that we can trust that the farmer behind the booth take pride in raising the food they offer. When you shop locally you are supporting someone’s dream and someone’s family. Buying from local farmers also means supporting the community as a whole.

Trusted Food Quality

The flavor and quality of the food found at the market is unmatched. Since all the food is grown or raised locally, we know it was harvested the day before. Shopping the market encourages eating with the seasons and a healthy lifestyle. Farmers are selling their most ripe, fresh fruits and veggies, which have peak nutritional value.

Supports Healthy Community

The market promotes relationships. It encourages customers to reach out to the vendors with questions. We are able to educate one another in nutrition, cooking, and agriculture. The current disconnect between the farmer and consumer is disheartening, but being able to surround ourselves with a community of like-minded individuals that truly value the work and knowledge of the farmer is rewarding to be around. Immersing yourself in the crowd, provides a sense of belonging and a healthy trust in your farmer and your neighbors.

Reduces our Carbon Footprint

Shopping for locally-grown food reduces total “food miles.” There is less packaging involved and when we shop the market, we always pack our own reusable shopping bag.


Not only does the market offer fruits and vegetables, but you can also find a variety of meats, eggs, baked goods, and one of our favorites, the granola from Tower Rock Bakery! You can find soaps, floral arrangements, and more. With the market being located downtown, you are also close to the other local shops. We always like to pick up some bread from Neatos Bakery, spa needs and gifts from Spa Serenity, kitchen goods from Bekah Kates, vitamins from The Grainery, and Beau is excited to check out the toy shop that mom shopped at as a kid- Just imagine. These are just a few of our many favorite downtown Baraboo stores.

Downtown Baraboo is beautiful and inviting

Shopping the market is a relaxing way to start the day. We are able to grab a cup of coffee from one of the downtown coffee shops (Coffee Bean, Bella Vita Cafe, Tin Roof Dairy) and stroll through the market seeing warm, welcoming faces. On Saturdays there is live music and it is the perfect way for us to set the pace for the weekend. From the colorful displays of flowers and produce to the hum of music and friendly conversation, it immediately puts us in a good mood.

In the upcoming weeks, we hope to share a few of the meals we prepare using ingredients we bring home from the local market. The Baraboo Farmers Market is open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 7:30am - 1:00pm from May until the end of October. You can also find a list of vendors on the Baraboo Farmers’ Market webpage. We hope to see you there!